In the Meadow

Free verse

Ellie Brooke
Feb 9, 2021
image created by author

Air fills lungs, as breath comes deep.
Sweet oxygen for a moment replacing my need for sleep.
Loud minds, louder than a thousand out-loud voices
condemning my choices in the day-to-day.



I feel. Hear nothing.

This is what Earth feels like: cool and wet,
letting my back sink into it, my hair unkempt.
Sloppy kiss of affirmation,
that all my fears and consternation matter not.

This is what Sun feels like: warm and wise,
placing a kiss on my tired eyes. ‘Be still’, she says…
just like her Maker.
A Giver, not a Taker.
Warm love, exposing light.

Here I lie.

On the Earth and in the Sun.

Still. Silent. Sigh.




Ellie Brooke

Poetry inspired by nature and the inner-wrestling. Prose in pursuit of living well. Learning how to ‘be’. Find me at: