Advice I would have found helpful as a new explorer.

Holyhead, Wales. Photo by the author.

The first time I travelled to another country was when I was two years old. My parents were going on a missions trip to Belgium, and I was brought ceremoniously in tow. Now, at the time, I was obviously not worried about any kind of best-packing techniques, or safety in…

A poem of safety, and being seen

Copyright 2021, Ellie Brooke

I think of you,
When I rest my head in my bed, my bones
extra weary, and my heart as heavy as my feet
as they slide beneath the covers.
Won’t you come in?

I see you, already in my bed, and you turn
and pull me close and I breathe…

Free verse

Copyright © 2021 Ellie Brooke

Ribbed. Rising and falling.
Like a great chest filled with lungs
expanding. Like feathered lungs of
grey and green. A glow bursting forth
from its slumber in a blanket of clouds.
But just for a moment, before its swaddled
again. A memory not fully defined…but getting
stronger. The memory becoming the now
as the blanket is broken…

Free verse

Copyright © 2021 Ellie Brooke

Stillness, sigh.
Oh that my longing could be
contained in a word.
Would the word be too heavy to hold?

Maybe by I…but by We?

My singular strength being weak,
sometimes completely deplete-ted,
So would your You
be enough
for me too?

Free verse

Copyright © 2020 Ellie Brooke

The sun, it calms
my heart
and soothes my tender mind,
as I sit and soak
the rays into
my skin.
Like a plant, I’m addicted,
convicted by,
and bound
to the photosynthesis,
all the premises
of my life bent
on one job:
Converting light energy
to chemical energy,
like mitochondria
but with the sun…

Free verse

image created by author

Air fills lungs, as breath comes deep.
Sweet oxygen for a moment replacing my need for sleep.
Loud minds, louder than a thousand out-loud voices
condemning my choices in the day-to-day.



I feel. Hear nothing.

This is what Earth feels like: cool and wet,
letting my back sink into…

Ellie Brooke

Poetry inspired by nature and the inner-wrestling. Prose in pursuit of living well. Learning how to ‘be’. Find me at: wilderword.com

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